Student Housing in Bucharest

"Sustainability, Flexibility and Densification: Accommodation and Temporary Housing in Flexible Spaces"

The goal for this project was to create a student housing establishment that could also function as a hostel during summertime, and that could also be transformed into an apartment building if necessary. Located near the center of Bucharest, in a quiet, residential area, the site is situated on a street corner. The two surrounding lots both have blind walls on the property limit. Across the street lies a small park.

panoramic view of the site

The project had to provide housing for students as well as for a few professors and staff. It was that necessity that led to the creation of two different volumes: one meant for the students, and another for the teachers, staff and administrative areas. 

The buildings surrounding the site all had different heights, and I wanted this project to play on that idea, so the two volumes would have different heights.

Volume #1: The ground floor is composed of a hobby and recreation room, as well as a cafeteria. Since one of the perks of student housing is socializing, I wanted to emphasize that, thus opting for a cafeteria rather than cooking areas in each room; furthermore, the two upper floors have "hang out" areas in different parts of the hallways.While the hallways are oriented towards the courtyard, the rooms have a view of the park. Notice that the rooms are identical, all with the same orientation, as it was important to give all the students the same benefits, without putting one in front of the other.

Volume #2: The basement is composed of a parking area, storage space and also a laundry room. The Ground floor has a reception, a waiting/reading area, as well as two rooms meant for hosting different events that would take place. The upper floor consists of an administrative area with two bedrooms for the staff, as well as five rooms for accommodating visiting professors.

The concrete structure gave a somewhat cold feeling, but I wanted an overall happy, warm vibe for these two buildings, so the facades are covered in wood. Giving both volumes the same treatment helps strengthen the project's unity.

Here are the floor plans, sections and facades:

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