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Kaya Scodelario is best known for her role as Effy on the British teen drama "Skins". She's also a model, and has recieved a lot of media attention the last few months, appearing in different magazines like Nylon, Asos, Love, Sunday Times, etc.
Here are some of her photos from the July issue of InStyle UK, along with an interview where she shares 10 things we didn't know about her:

Leaving her role as Effy in Skins after 4 years was tough.
"I went through the out of work depressed actor phase, but it's fine now. It was hard to say goodbye not just to the actors but to the crew. I'd been working with them all since I was 14. Everyone was crying on the last day, but it was the right time to go. And at least I've still got all my Twitter followers!"
For now, university is on hold. 
"I can always go back to it. I'm a big believer in taking chances. I've only ever wanted to act"
She adored working on blockbuster Clash of the Titans
"When they called me about it, I was in my flat and was screaming at my flatmates to turn down the TV. The whole time I was on set, I couldn't get over the budget or enormous scale."
She won't disappear into LA.
"I'm frightened by the whole Hollywood thing. I'm only 18 and want to do it all properly. I'll go out when  I'm ready."
Manchester is her new home town.
"My boyfriend [Shameless actor Elliot Tittensor] lives in Manchester, so I ended up moving there, because I realized how expensive London was. I love it. It's a big university town, so there's lots of young people and the shopping is amazing."
It's all about the high street for her. 
"I like designer clothes, but I don't have the budget. My jeans are Diesel and my favorite item is my mum's vintage leather jacket. I'm quite dishevelled. I'm always in my boyfriend's jeans or baggy jumpers."
She thinks teens get a bad rep.
"Being a teenager is the most important time in your life. People think you're rebelling, but you're actually finding out who you are. That's why Skins was good; it showed what it was. There were a lot of experiences I could relate to."

Actor Tom Hardy is her heathtrob

"I'd love to work on anything with him. I'd do a Martina Cole project if that ever came up. Oh, and obviously I'd like to work with Johnny Depp."

She's a homebody. 

"I could sit in my house for a week and not go mad! I'd play Super Mario on Wii. I live with my boyfriend, his brother, and two friends. I'm the only girl, so I get to be as slobby as I like, without apologizing. I love it."

Like everyone, she has her insecurities. 

"Who doesn't. I cry and smile every day. I grew up scared, because I was so skinny and had no boobs. It's only now that I just think, Sod it! Everyone's different. I'm contented and happy as I am".

Interview by Lucie Greene.  

photographed by Jason Hetherington | Styled by Amanda Bellan 

View all the shots over at ONTD

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