Awesome Architecture: Cooperative Credit Bank

I was really surprised when I found out that this building was in fact a Bank. I just saw a beautiful building, and my first thought was that it could be a spa or an art gallery.
This project was created by Studio Kuadra, a firm mainly made up of young architects who like to think outside the box. Situated in Fossano, Italy - this branch of the credit agency truly manages to stand out as a work of art, due to the smart use of materials and lighting, and also a well thought-out floor plan.

I personally love buildings with simple volumes, but who gain personality through the use of different materials. Although the architets used a lot of different materials such as stone, glass, metal, stainless steel and wood, the building retains a certain simplicity, a serene and peaceful atmosphere.
When it comes to the floor plan, although it's clean and simple it creates dynamic spaces, it makes the clients actually explore and experience the space as opposed to just standing in line.
What really stands out is the use of chains on the building's facade, something that immediately draws attention, and combined with the use of lighting, the result is simply breathtaking.
Creating a new and unexpected image of what an institution of this type should be, this building manages to raise, at least for me, a few question marks on how the traditional image of a certain architectural program should be updated to better fit the times we live in.

For more projects visit Kuadra's official website.
Image source: archdaily

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