Changes in the C.M. camp (updated)

I'm so glad to announce that my blog will now have it's own domain name. The new address is The change will take place sometime in the next three days , and anyone who will access will be automatically redirected.
I've also created some new graphics so make sure to check back during the next few days.
Another thing I'm really excited about is the fact that i rediscovered tumblr. I've used it before, but at first I thought since I already use blogger, facebook and twitter it wouldn't be so useful for me, but now I'm kinda' addicted (thanks to nookie). It's a really great way to share inspirational images as well as quotes and all other sorts of stuff around the internet. So, if you don't feel like waiting for my next post here on my blog be sure to check my tumblr account!
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When I decided to start this blog back in May it was mainly because I was looking for a way to share the work I've done, as well as point out and write about things that I find interesting and inspiring.
What started out as a design&architecture blog quickly expanded into fashion as well, as I often draw inspiration from fashion in my projects.
I've also received a lot of positive feedback from various bloggers, who wanted me to work with them, and I found that very encouraging.
As an architecture student and graphic designer, I believe that nowadays exposure is extremely important. So now, I really want to start investing more in my blog, and take it to the next level.
I want to post more of my previous work (architecture, graphic design, landscape design), and work on expanding my portfolio, as well as post more often - which I admit, is tricky with my schedule.
Also, I want to get my own .com domain, so please vote on the poll below (open until the end of September):

Looking forward to your thoughts, and don't forget about the links on the sidebar, showing the social networking sites I'm currently on!

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