Avant-Garde Jewellery from Hotel Gluttony

May 31, 2010

Hotel Gluttony is a Japanese jewellery brand, launched by Joji Rupert Kojima, while he was a student at Tama Art University in Tokio.
Kojima said he created each piece for a guest of the imaginary "Hotel Gluttony". His line has a very severe look, yet delicate at the same time. Using things such as chain-mail, leather, and crystals, the collection is very sexually charged.
His work attracted the attention of celebrities, like Lady GaGa, who wore some of the pieces. Here are more pictures from the line:

Granny's Closet Image Collaboration

A few months ago I worked with the girls over at Granny's Closet on their blog's image. Granny's Closet is an online shop for vintage and retro clothing, as well as hand-made accessories.
Here are a few colorful banners, headers and buttons I created.

Letters Bar Logo Proposal

May 30, 2010

Here's one of my logo proposals for a new bar in Bucharest - "Letters drinks&lounge". Typography is becoming more and more popular, and I wanted to explore that.
I wanted to create something simple, yet with some attention to details, so I used words of different sizes to compose the bar's name.

Tarina Tarantino's Wizard of Oz

May 29, 2010

Well known for her colorful & funky designs, Tarina Tarantino was approached by Warner Brothers to create a Wizard of Oz themed jewelry line. Here are some pages from her lookbook entitled "My Pretty". Maybe a bit too literal, but overall a good collection.

Interview With Photographer Dimitri Caceaune

May 28, 2010

Dimitri Caceaune is a young, self taught photographer from Bucharest, Romania. At only 16, he's already built up an extraordinary portfolio. He classifies himself as an experimental photographer, as he is still trying to define his style. The first in a series of exclusive interviews, he took the time to answer a few questions regarding himself and his work.

Amazing Work from Cherenko Art

May 27, 2010

Anton Cherenko is a Ukrainian digital artist. His work is visually stunning, I love the level of detail he puts into his scenes. Every composition is great, and everything is very well thought out - from materials to color choices.

Poketo Tote Bags for Men

May 25, 2010

Poketo! has some new bags made from upcycled suits and leather sofas. They don't look that bad, but I for one have had it with things that are made out to look like something else, like pillows that look like phones or dressers that look like dresses and so on.
Here are some other models from Poketo!

Jesse 2010 Collection

May 24, 2010

I am truly impressed by this collection. Jesse, an Italian furniture manufacturer, really has a lot of strong pieces, that range from sleek and modern designs to clever reinterpretations of classic furniture, that would fit well in a lot of different apartments.
I think that the black&white pieces really stand out, and I just love the use of different shades of gray.

Chocolate Bar

May 23, 2010

School project from 2009, for a class concerning Furniture Design and Interior Design. The assignment was to furnish a 50 square-meter bar.
My theme was "Chocolate Bar"; I used different types of wood, which provided a range of brown that suited the theme, along with some fabric for the chairs and couches, and floral wallpaper for the walls.
Renders were done using 3DS Max, and Photoshop was used for post editing.

Student Housing in Bucharest

"Sustainability, Flexibility and Densification: Accommodation and Temporary Housing in Flexible Spaces"

The goal for this project was to create a student housing establishment that could also function as a hostel during summertime, and that could also be transformed into an apartment building if necessary. Located near the center of Bucharest, in a quiet, residential area, the site is situated on a street corner. The two surrounding lots both have blind walls on the property limit. Across the street lies a small park.

panoramic view of the site

The project had to provide housing for students as well as for a few professors and staff. It was that necessity that led to the creation of two different volumes: one meant for the students, and another for the teachers, staff and administrative areas. 
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