Designer Profile: Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola is a Spanish architect and designer, and without doubt one of my favorite contemporary furniture designers.
What I love about Patricia's work is that while maintaining a wide range as far as style goes, she's able to give her designs that unique and undeniable personal touch that makes each product her own.

fergana collection

Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo, Spain and now lives and works in Milan. She attended the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Madrid.
Although knowing that design was her passion ever since she was 12 years old, Patricia says she had a slow start in her career, and spent a lot of years studying. She encourages young designers to be passionate and curious: "find a few cultural references and people who can give you guidance to develop your personality. try to defend your ideas and projects, create your own formula."

tropicalia collection

Looking through her designs, I got a feeling of eclecticism. yet a cohesive one. Her creations range from very clean, sophisticated lines to the use of floral, organic and traditional element, all these from a modern point of view.

crinoline chair

From relying solely on the materials she uses (as is the case with wood), to the use of a bold, bright color palette, Urquiola creates not just furniture, but art pieces. All of her designs have a story behind them.

maia collection

When asked about the evolution of her design process, Patricia confesses that while such an evolution undoubtedly takes place, it happens on it's own, depending on the projects she's working on, and it's not something she willingly thinks about.

smock chair

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  1. I like how Patricia Urquiola integrates comfort in her furniture. Have you seen her sofa designs? Her "Fat-Fat" (B&B Italia) is a table, container and ottoman in one, which can be used for sitting down or storing objects.

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  2. Patricia also designs gorgeous office furniture. One of the furniture I'm planning to buy is her Scriba writing desk. I love its contemporary design of simple silhouette and clean lines.