DVF: Ready to Wear Home?

Iconic fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg recently launched her new home collection during New York Fashion Week, in collaboration with Springs Global.
Diane is by no means new to the world of interior design, as she previously designed household items during the '70s with Sears. "It's just an extension of designing your life!"

Check out more of the designs, as well as a video next:

 Furstenberg's new collection is eclectic and colorful, drawing inspiration from various sources, and staying true to the brand's aesthetic.

"Your home defines who you are, and who you want to be" - Diane

Dvf - Ready to Wear Home? is available for preorder on dvf.com

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  1. she might be new to interior design but she is spectacular :)


  2. this woman is brilliant. and so modest! I love her work!