Outfit Post: First Days of Spring

It seems like it's been the longest winter ever, and I'm so glad that the sun finally started shinning again the last few days here in Bucharest. I actually met up with my friend Denisa a couple of days ago, and couldn't help but take advantage of the weather, so we snapped some photos.
I actually ended up stealing her new awesome glasses, and found out they actually suit me quite well.

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  1. those glasses are perfect for you! steal them away ;))

  2. Outfit post! Outfit post! I like it - looking good with D's glasses!

  3. This is what I would call "simplicity at its finest." I just stumbled upon your blog like 30 minutes ago, and let me tell you, it is worth the stay! I enjoy viewing the wonderful/great images that you post, really. That being said, I am definitely following! Keep up the awesomeness.