Thierry Mugler Ready To Wear Womenswear Collection F/W 2011 -2012

Under the creative direction of Nicola Formichetti, Mugler presented it's womenswear collection during Paris Fashion week. The show was streamed live on Mugler's facebook page, which gave viewers a front row seat as well as a backstage pass.
It was awesome to see all the chaos that went on behind the scenes, how all the models got ready, and the show itself was one of the most amazing ones I have seen the last few seasons.
It definitely wasn't just about showing some clothes, the show succeeded in creating an amazing story. Rows of Gothic archways decorated the runway, the models disappearing throughout them while coming down, wearing the amazing designs.

The collection was bold, it was high fashion, it was daring and sexual without compromising for one single moment the taste level, which was exquisite.
Pop superstar Lady Gaga was not only in charge of providing the soundtrack, but also became a model for the designer, walking the runway twice and owning every step. Has she not proven yet that she can do anything and everything?
In terms of music, I don't think there could've been a better choice. We also got to hear a new track from Gaga's upcoming album, Government Hooker (listen to it here!)

I will post my favorite looks from the runway as soon as they are availble online, so make sure to check back! Did you get to watch the show? If so, what were your thoughts?

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  1. oh, I wish I was there...they have sent me an invitation by email- you get invitation to all their cool events if you make an account on their website- they only sent the invitation, not a plane ticket with it :))

  2. Oh, wow. I would've killed for an invitation t be honest. Great show.

  3. Are you kidding?! AN INVITATION?! REALLY?! wow... that sounds absolutely amazing! Next thing on my list: create an account on their website haha

    Amazing show, great collection, good start for Nicola Formichetti!

  4. Aww, this is beautiful !!
    I love it !! ♥

    ...OH MY VOGUE!