V for Vintage: Flower Power Edition

This weekend I got the chance to attend one of the best vintage fairs in Bucharest - V for Vintage. I went to V for Vintage before, but this time my friend Alice wasn't there to sell her accessories, so it was really cool that we and Denisa, who met us there got to spend some time together and talk while peeking through the designs.
The theme was "Flower Power", which I found out upon arrival: with my amazing sense of perception I was like "Wow, why is everyone wearing floral patterns?"
Also, I'm really glad I got to meet some other awesome bloggers: Sandra and Eve aka The Hearabouts, Laura, and Alin.

Timeea Mare jewelry
Also, a big thanks for the mentions on Fashion and Pop Culture Magic and The Hearabouts. Don't forget to check out their articles about the event!

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  1. Your black and white photos are so cool! Love them! I'm sure Denisa will appreciate this "trio" photo that she likes so much in b&w too! I obviously had a blast (if you can't guess form the first photo)!:))))

  2. I'm sure Denisa is amazed every time she sees that photo!

  3. Really great pictures! After seeing the fair in bright colors on The Hearabouts, you b/w pics bring more softness to the whole picture! I wish I had been there with you... I miss vintage fairs :(

  4. that photo again... it will haunt me for the rest of my life...

  5. i could say the same about you, hahaha, I wouldn't have mind seeing all the celebs @ Paris Fashion Week!

  6. cool black and white feeling! love it!

  7. You got some great shots. This V for Vintage event sounds like it was awesome. The flower power them is certainly perfect for this season.

  8. So:D
    I know i'm like 50 million years late but i was busy and i just wanted to say a big thanks for adding me in your blogroll(i added you too:D) and for your kind words:* Thankies thankies thankies!
    Wish i were to the fair too, hopefully next time i'll be in Bucharest...