Cinemagraphs, Bringing Photos To Life

"The technology to create GIF’s has been around a while but I believe its potential for both expression and impact, within the fashion world, has yet to be properly tapped." - Coco Rocha 

Couldn't agree more. GIF's have been used a lot lately, but often the result wasn't all that, let's say, artistic. Thankfully, that is not the case with NYC based photographer Jamie. She has been creating moving images, cinemagraphs as she calls them, that manage to enhance the mood of a still photo.
Jamie's work features big names in the fashion industry, such as Anna Wintour, Nina Garcia or model Coco Rocha. View more of her amazing cinemagraphs next:

View more of Jamie's work on her blog.

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  1. omg this is so incredible. Amazing and a bit scary at the same time.. depends of the photo. How on Earth are they made? This reminds me of Harry Potter ahaha :))