A Game of Contrasts

It's been quite a while since I've posted about interior design, but lately I've seen such beautiful designs that I just had to post one of them. Probably another reason this is BRAVO's new series - Million Dollar Decorators. Sure, all of the designers are such characters, but I just love the show.

And here is a 2 room apartment that I just fell in love with - definitely wouldn't mind living there. It really manages to stand out through it's apparent simplicity.

But behind that simplicity lies a beautiful combination of traditional and modern elements (notice the rugs or fireplace as opposed to the sleek glass coffee tables for example), which create a wonderful contrast and an eclectic and unique feel.
Using a lot of white, the apartment manages to look a lot larger that it's 65 square meter living area, but more importantly has a certain freshness to it, a freshness that is enhanced by the flowers that sit by the window sill. Contrast seems to be an underlining theme, because chromatically, the use of black and red accents create a permanent visual interest.
When you're looking to create a new style for your bedroom, then you'll be looking at different items of furniture to fit in there. The K & Co store has a great collection to check out to make sure you maintain the look and style you're looking for.
images via freshome

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  1. This is one amazing apartment! One of my favourites for sure!!


  2. to quote Martyn Lawrence Bullard: "decorating is totally delicious" :))

  3. I love that show, too! And "decorating is totally delicious!" Great post, Costin. x

  4. Do you really? I didn't know you were a fan. Who's your favorite designer?

  5. wow, amazing appartment!!! I love a lot of white when it comes to interior design!

  6. it really lights up the whole space.