At The Library

Nothing compares to a stress-free day, when you can just relax and enjoy yourself, without thinking about work. But when it comes to decorating, who says work can't be fun?
That's why I just love going to different furniture stores and looking at all of the great new stuff they have. Sure, catalogs are great, but nothing really compares to seeing everything for yourself, after all, fabrics can photograph totally different, not to mention the comfort level and texture that a catalog simply can't provide.
So I went to one of my favorite stores with my cousin, and I figured we should definitely eat at their in-store restaurant - The Library.

The meal was absolutely delicious, but the best part was the desert. Sweets are my guilty pleasure, and cheesecake is always one of my top choices. I felt a little bad though that I reminded myself to take a picture when I was already halfway through eating, but it was just too delicious to resist.
On another note, with all of the interior design projects I've been having the past months, I really am starting to take more interest in decorating, and I have a few articles in store that I'm sure you'll enjoy, so don't forget to check back soon.

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  1. Seriously, dude! I'm dying over here! I waaaaaaaaaant cheesecake!:))))

  2. and not just any cheesecake, this one is with strawberries. :)

  3. just so you know, i make an awesome strawberry cheesecake! :P

  4. I agree with you about actually going in to the store, especially with furniture. So cool they had a restaurant. I'm a huge fan of cheese cake. Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  5. the pics look amazing! very nice space!

  6. i agree, i love how it's furnished!