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Martyn Bullard was named one of the world's top 100 interior designers by Architectural Digest, he has worked with clients like Christina Aguillera, Cher, Rebecca Romaijn, Felicity Huffman and his work was featured in over 700 publications such as Elle Decor, House & Garden, Interior Design, W, Vogue and many others.
What I find truly amazing about Martyn's designs is his ability to work with such a wide range of styles - from ethnic to modern, from monochrome to intricate color and pattern combinations, and so on.
His work can be characterized as luxurious, full of extravagance, but always comfortable, and I can't help but praise his attention to details while still having the bigger picture in mind. Besides interior design, Martyn also has designed a line of fabrics, furniture, rugs and scented candles.
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  1. Love the dining room. Thanks for visiting Inspired Design... I am now following you. 

    I love Martin so much, he's so creative – a master really when it comes to mixing patterns and colors – he does the exotic look to perfection. Also he must be the funniest, most outrages guy ever. The things he says using that amazing dramatic voice and crazy English accent are just hilarious. He cracks me up every time!:)

  3. His designs are so versatile and wide, extending from the minimalist to the detail-laden, and with ideas from a brain as creative as his, you just don't know what you'd expect next.