Mary McDonald - Designer Profile

Today I wanted to talk about the beautiful and talented american interior designer Mary McDonald - her projects have appeared in countless publications and Mary has constantly been ranked one of the best in her line of work.
Her style modernizes old elegance, giving it a timeless look and feel. Working with bold patterns and contrasting color combinations, Mary is fearless when it comes to designing, taking risks that ultimately achieve stunning results.

Her work is divided into several categories: classic glamour, livable elegance, whimsical and modern, all of them having the unique, Mary McDonald signature look.
Besides her remarkable interior design project, Mary also has released a book "Mary McDonald: Interiors" and has designed a beautiful collection of lamps that express her love of modernism and femininity.

If you want to view more of Mary's designs, visit

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  1. she is one of my favs! not to mention she's gorgeous looking, too ;)

  2. such stunning interiors!!

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  3. What an exhibition of beautiful interiors! That house with its blue chairs terrace is the perfect summer getaway place. And that black-dark grey-yellow interior, the one in the right, is sooo lovely, modern and classic at the same time.

  4. Sara sais she loves Mary and that she's super funny and beautiful! I really have to see this reality show!:)

  5. is mary mcdonald married? isnt she HOTT!?