Modern, With A Hint Of Rustic

I am absolutely in love with this beautiful, Scandinavian apartment. It's all about creating a contemporary living environment, while also incorporating several rustic elements. A classic example where the result is more than the sum of all the elements.

On the one hand, there are simple and clean modern pieces, such as the dining area, in juxtaposition with rough, rustic elements, like the wooden floors or brick walls, which offer a beautiful texture to the interiors.
We also can see traditional elements, which are modernized, like the fireplace from the upper level.
The designers opted for simple layouts, that become powerful not only through their simplicity, but also through a smart use of contrasts. However, the contrasts are softened, partly because of splashes of color, partly because of very fluid pieces, and also because of the plants and flowers that can be seen throughout the different rooms.
I've also talked about another superb apartment, created by the same design firm - Alvhem Makleri och Interior - and you can view and read the article here.

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  1. this is a great combinations of modern and rustic, since it looks sooo fresh and clean. I am not a fan of roustic, but these pics I do like a lot!

  2. StylingphotodiaryJuly 29, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    so beautiful! that brick wall is on my to do list for a while, hopefully i'll get it done :)

  3. Really beautiful apartment. This looks very cozy.