Hey guys. The last few weeks so many new campaign photos were released, and I am absolutely amazed by how great they look. While the main focus is of course to showcase the new collections, there are so many other factors that go into creating a remarkable campaign: finding the right models, the right concept for the shoot and of course, the right hair and make-up. All of these things help create a spectacular vision.
I wanted to talk a bit more about hairstyles, because as I'm sure you've noticed the models' hair is always picture perfect - as it should be. Take for example Tobias Sorensen or Jon Kortajarena, who always rock amazing hairstyles. Even though they have short hair, I love how it can be styled in so many different ways.
I have short hair as well, and the truth is that sometimes I do feel like changing things up a bit, but it is quite tricky because short hair can be somewhat stubborn at times, and achieving salon results at home can take some work, but it's by no means impossible - you just have to find the right products for you.
What I believe really helps is straightening your hair, because it creates a softer look that's so much more easy to style. For example the ghd mini styler is the ultimate styling tool for short hair, and is perfect for men. And if you use hair wax afterwards you're pretty much set.
Got any other tips and tricks for short hair? Let me know.

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  1. It's very inspiring.
    I like Jon Kortajarena hairstyle. It's very elegant.

  2. I like this hairstyle, but for some reason I feel like it's really difficult to style, am I wrong?

  3. I have very fine hair, so everyday feels like a bad hair day as there is very little I can do with it! Oh to have hair like these guys!

  4. Hi Costin! You have a blogger award at my blog :)


  5. I love Jon Kortajarena, I think he's the best model in the world!!

    A kiss

  6. Hi Costin! I love so much your blog! I fall in love of Kortajarena Hair!!!
    A big hug!

  7. hair has always been my frustration. mine's thin, limp, and never mind. i always envy guys with awesome hair.