Shanghai Museum of Glass

Here's something I need to add to my list of places I have got to visit: The Shanghai Museum of Glass. This project is part of a campaign, aiming to make Shanghai an important cultural and artistic center, by launching no less than 100 museums in 10 years.
Displaying both traditional and contemporary glass art, the museum's vision is to show the endless possibilities that glass can offer.
The museum is built in a former glassmaking workshop, property of Shanghai Glass Co. The sleek interiors were created by Coordination Asia, who chose to go for a very modern feel, using black lacquered glass on the cases, floors, furniture and walls, while leaving the existing structure untouched.
Logon, a Shanghai based architecture firm handled the building's exteriors. The facade has an enameled glass finishing, with terms from the glass industry inscribed on it in different languages.
  For more information on The Shanghai Museum of Glass, visit the official website.

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  1. Amazing! I'm trying to imagine what black lacquered glass floors would feel and sound like to walk on.

    Mary Jo

  2. didn't know about this.
    thanks, costin!
    i now have something else to go to in shanghai.

  3. Wow this is brilliant! How could I have missed this when I was in Shanghai in March!

    I love collecting old glass especially perfume bottles, so I will have to go!

  4. SALUT
    Bonne continuation.!!!!

  5. wow, the images are mind-blowing. Shanghai is already a must go destination, so it's been on my list for 2 yeasr now, I really hope I can get there soon!

  6. WOW those pictures are amazing!!! My Bf is currently in SH, I'll tell him about the museum :)
    Thanks for your comment earlier :) it's so weird, I don't have a lot of friends who are watching Glee, so it's nice to know some people who're Gleeks, too ;)


  7. Marvelous!
    Thanks for your comment :)

  8. spectacular photos!!
    very nice..this place is amazing!! =)

  9. woow, you have an amazing blog. Really love the pictures!

  10. Amazing pictures! so inspirational :)

  11. Thanks for your commet, yout blog is amazing and i love your photos!

    Ángel´s Place

  12. One word. A M A Z I N G .


    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking all things French

  13. This place is really gorgeous.
    Nice pictures.
    Love your post as always.

  14. Beyond amazing. That is all.



  15. oh my gosh, this is amazing!!! the pictures are soo cool :) Your blog is really inspiring, I enjoy reading your posts :)

    I'm following now <3 check out my blog?

    xo Karisa

  16. China does it again! always on the vanguard of construction! (or maybe I have to say "everything") ♥
    xxxo from Argentina
    you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee