What's This Season's IT Jacket?

It's always a joy when it's that time of the year where I can go and buy outerwear - never been that much of a summer person, so when autumn sets in I'm all smiles!
When it comes to mens jackets, this season I have basically two very different directions that I'd like to explore. The first is the leather jacket, which, let's admit, is timeless, and can be styled in a lot of ways besides the (classic) rocker look, if done right it can pull together an awesome outfit, just like the photo above. And while we're on that subject, how cool are the glasses? I don't have to wear glasses, but I'd really like to wear those.
The other type of jacket that's been on my mind lately is something very urban, with lots of volume. While the styling in this case can only go so far, I really like the playfulness that an item like this kind of jacket has, it's something that sometimes I forget to add to my outfits. Nothing wrong with being serious, but sometimes a little fun factor is in order, right?

However these are just two options of many. What do you think this season's IT jacket looks like?
photos via costinm.tumblr.com

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  1. I love the Leather Jacket style !

    I't one basic in all the Men's wardrobe

    Un beso Chipless by Dave Vuitton

  2. lindo post, eu adoro jaquetas!


    Yago R.

  3. The leather jacket is an essential clothe in a mens wardrobe!!

    I wany the boy of the firts picture too! hahahaha!


    Adrien Loren

  4. Love it! I would even wear it myself! ^^

  5. I have a similar one in ma closet ^^

  6. love the leather jacket!
    i am a summer person hate winter! lol not like you a winter boy! ;-P

    great post!

  7. I am not to sure about an 'it' jacket. I always tend to stick to updated versions of either a tweed sports jacket such as Daks or a light trench or pea coat

  8. i'm all for the leather jacket, costin.


  9. Who are the glasses by? I want a pair haha.. Agree, black leather jacket is a must in everyones closet. it is a classic...

    Love! ~Angel