Indochino Presents The Traveling Collection

Indochino just rolled out some new designs - a collection that's specifically designed for those who live and active life and are always on the go - and I'm wowed!
I've always liked the fact that they give their clients the option of custom designing the items before ordering, and the prices are quite affordable as well. The traveling collection comes in 4 different customizable models, and comes in quite handy as it's stain and wrinkle resistant, while still having a fresh and cool look.
Check out some more photos next (click for gallery mode):

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  1. i love the blazer paired with the jeans!

  2. ive been looking for the ideal navy blazer...this may be it!

  3. oh wow!Love it! The option of custom designing the items it's an amazing idea!Great post!

  4. omg! they are like the perfect blazer!
    lovely post!

  5. I need a jacket with many pockets!!!
    I really like your blog!
    I follow you!!

  6. This jacket is perfect to me and all the men who live fast!
    I love The Traveling Collection of Indochinos

  7. The jacket actually looks like it is cut very well. To hide all those pockets and still look like an elegant jacket is a feat!

  8. Love the jacket.. I dont think I am familiar with this brand but will have to check it out!

    Hugs! ~Angel

  9. lots of pockets...nice, my husband almost got his suit for our wedding from them but it didn't work out size wise. nice jacket though

  10. the first look!To die for!

  11. I do think the face that they don't wrinkle and you can personalize the items brings smth new to the customer orientation direction. so kudoz for this!