Modern Exposure: Barcode House

Designed by architect David Jameson in Washington, DC, the Barcode House is a modern extension to an existing row house, but set apart because of it's transparency, which clrearly crates a strong contrast with the rest of the building..
Using large panes of glass, the two story addition features a kitchen on the first floor, and a living area on the second floor, spaces that are connected with the pre-existent house. The project features a pattern of black steel rods which resemble a barcode - thus, the name.

"Barcode House explores juxtapositions between the heavy and the light and the old and the new. The work is formed by positioning the projects diverse pressures into a unique situational aesthetic. Brittle masonry walls of the existing Washington, DC row house governed that the addition be engineered as a freestanding structure. Site constraints dictated a vertically oriented spatial solution. The clients desire for transparent living space generated the opportunity to create an integrated solution for lateral force requirements. Structural steel rods within a glass window wall are aligned with datum lines of the neighboring building elevations. A stucco circulation tower anchors the living space to the existing row house." -- David Jameson

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  1. wow!!! Madre mía qué casa!!! Me gustan los diseños tan modernos!!
    Un besito

  2. That's so crazy. Are there blinds anywhere inside of there? Great work of architecture and design.

  3. very interesting, but i could never live without privacy ;-)

  4. lovely...but I think that it's more like a forest house...the forest it's the only place where I can imagine this kind of walls...

  5. Speechless...
    E locuita?
    Mi se pare cam "dezbracata"...cel putin pentru gradul de pudoare pe care-l am.
    Nu as spune NU , daca ar trebui sa stau in ea.

  6. wow....can you imagine how much natural light does this house host? definitely will use parts of this idea when building a new house!

  7. I really love this building!
    I love the modern architecture. It's so bright!
    And I love too, the top model Tobias Sorensen :D

  8. It´s a dream!!

    Un saludo,

  9. It's amaizing place, realy! :)

  10. how cool is that! awesome! i love the architecture, the bright open spaces and all.

  11. I love open architectural townhouses, this is unique and the brightness makes it even more spacious. Your blog is interesting, new follower.

    J. Choudhury x

  12. Beautifully designed house...I love it!

  13. The house looks great and very modern. But I think live in such uncomfortable, like in an aquarium