Ready For A Scare? American Horror Story

This fall, the creator of Nip/Tuck and co-creators of Glee have something new in store for you: American Horror Story, a new series airing on FX. The thriller/horror follows the Harmond family, who moved from Boston to Los Angeles wanting a new start as a way of dealing with their past tragedies. However, the family is unaware that their new home is in fact haunted.
Having watched Ryan Murphy's other series, I was quite eager to see what this show was all about, because in the past, all of his work had tremendous potential - and I wasn't disappointed. While the premiere seemed a bit like watching a random episode of "A Haunting", the show has a way of growing on you and getting you hooked. And while we're speaking of Ryan, I'm sure fans will notice some similarities between this show and his previous work, but also something new, and perhaps unexpected.
One of my main concerns is that when doing a horror series, I for one tend to think anthologies do a better job, simply because each episode can bring something new, and the plot doesn't get too tangled up in itself. Furthermore, how many bad things can happen to the characters, without the show losing a certain credibility?

Four episodes in, I stand corrected, as I realize the plot doesn't get repetitive or inconsistent, but makes the series more complex and coherent with every new episode.
Does it redefine a genre? Perhaps not, I don't even think it should, but it does create an addictive and entertaining show. And while the story is captivating, what really sells it for me are the characters, who are so over the top but relatable, that seem one dimensional at first, but are in fact complex, with a mysterious past that shaped them intro what we get to see.

Dylan McDermott plays Ben Harmond, a psychiatrist who has an affair with one of his students after his wife Vivien (Connie Britton) has a miscarriage. Wanting a new start, the two and their daughter Violet move in a restored mansion in L.A. This is the point when several other characters appear, all of them in one way or another connected to the haunted house (including True Blood's Denis O'Hare as one of the house's many previous owners). Perhaps the most intriguing one is Moira O'Hara, the housekeeper with two polar opposite sides (played by Frances Conroy and Alexandra Breckenridge).

Overall, the show proves to be very dynamic, promising and sometimes unexpected, and should be on every horror fan's to watch list this season.
I leave you with a family portrait video. Will you be watching?

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  1. I've seen the pilot, wasn't super impressed but I'll keep on watching, I too think it has a lot of potential!:) Besides I looove horror.

  2. i have yet to watch this... i don't know about how the trailers made me feel. pretty bizarre, although i love horror

  3. schöner blog :)
    schau doch mal vorbei