What Designer Would You Wear For Halloween?

The last days of October - everyone knows what that means (besides turning your clock back one hour) - Halloween! So I had this idea: what if you could choose a designer to create a one of a kind outfit for the occasion, just for you? How amazing would that be, right? So I asked Sam from "Travelling, with a hint of fashion" to create write a guest post with her top choices; after all, she's a pro when it comes to runway. Read it below:

Halloween is just around the corner and the question on everyone’s lips these days is “What are you going to wear?” or “Did you find a costume?” followed inevitably by hysterical laughter and giggles.
Finding a suitable costume for this celebration is very difficult, as you want it to express what you are and what you feel, but you also want to feel sexy in it. It’s always a very big challenge to find the perfect pieces and just think about that horrible moment when you arrive at a party with a fabulous costume that you’re very proud of and you see someone else there wearing the same one?
But what if you could be certain that you’re going to be unique, what if… a designer could craft a Halloween outfit just for you? This made me think about what designers would be more suitable to create my perfect Halloween costume.
This is what I came up with:

Emilio Pucci | "Gypsy Princess"

Francesco Scognamiglio | "Wife of Frankenstein"

Gareth Pugh

Givenchy | "Glamorous Morticia", "Princess of the Dark Waters", "Gold Digger"

Louis Vuitton | "Sexy Chambermaid"

Thierry Mugler | "Devil", "Glam Morticia", "Skeletons"

And because not everything has to be scary on Halloween night, here are some more colorful outfits (among them my absolute favorite Fairytale Thorns).

John Galliano | "Magical Egypt", "18th Century", "Sunshine", "Fairytale Thorns".

What designer would you pick to design your outfit?

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  1. Pues si pudiera elegir, me vestiría de Gypsy Princess!! me han gustado todas pero esta más!!

  2. gareth pugh...so scary...but i like it!!!

  3. I love the first!
    Thanks for your lovely comment! I love "The Vampire Diaries" too!
    I follow you, great blog!


  4. I would wear Givenchy or Thierry Mugler!Love those fabulous dresses!

    *Seriously?!I m really flattered! And thank you so much for your beautiful words, it means a lot!Have a great weekend!


  5. Gareth Pugh is a master of costumes! Very Sci-Fi and sinister in a way,a t least his Spring 2012 collection.

  6. For me Gareth would be!I love how insane and dramatic his creations are!

  7. I'd definitely wear the gold headpiece on the Givenchy outfit. It reminds me an ancient egyptian pharaoh/ bionic monster... if that's not a concept yet it should be.

    I adore Gareth Pugh's designs but I cn't imagine how akward it would be to wear one! I'd just have them on statues round my house *curses tiny-ness of paycheck*

    Thanks for stopping to visit my blog :) xxx

  8. i loooove the first creation but Lady Gaga totally rocks Thierry Mugler, thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog - following you! :)

    Mollie from musicandmollie

  9. i love that givenchy!! nice postt great blogg! :))


  10. I love the Gypsy costume, this is for me ;-) Thanks for visit my blog
    I love your cool blog and I will follow you



  11. ce spectacol..interesant !!! imi place gypsy princess...

  12. I think Emilio Pucci has a great dress! It's perfect for me :-)

  13. John Galliano for sure :)


  14. good article,my favorites are the Gipsy princess and the Givenchy looks :)

  15. Too bad we don't celebrate Halloween with such zeal here.. I love the outfits.. If were to celebrate it.. I'd choose Francesco Scognamiglio ..
    Thanks for visiting my blog.. Really appreciate your comments.. I'd love to follow you.. Hope you do the same :)


  16. wow, some designs are simply increible!! thank you for your comment, I would love to follow your blog!!

    kisses!! following!!


  17. Love this post, Sam's selection is great! It's hard to choose, I especially like Gareth Pugh and Galliano (so over-the-top amazing). I'd also include Vivienne Westwood on my list :D


  18. I adore the Gareth Pugh and Givenchy's Princess of the Dark Waters! Great post, I love your blog. Thanks for the comment! I'm following via Bloglovin :)