5 Fall Menswear Must-Have Items

I just love this time of year: Fall is such a great season for experimenting with different kinds of outfits and looks. You can still use your Summer wardrobe with a twist by adding a jacket or a cardigan, or you can start transitioning to winter wear.
For me, this season definitely has some awesome trends I think everyone should try and incorporate in their everyday outfits, so I want to talk a bit about what those must-have items are and where you can get them.
For example Ellos has a great selection of menswear designs, and not only are the prices affordable, but they also have a feature called buy now pay later catalogues - which I'm sure comes in handy for doing some holiday shopping, right? What I like about Ellos is that they really have a great range when it comes to their products, you can basically find everything from sportswear to a great tailored suit, so it's one of my top choices when it comes to online catalogues.
Here are some of the items I think you should definitely consider adding to your closet this season:

1. Retro Cardigan - I've been talking a lot about cardigans lately, I like wearing them and a pattern like this one is fantastic!

2. Loose Fit Jeans - Combine them with a plaid shirt and a pair of boots to achieve a relaxed, casual look.

3. Water-Repellent Jacket - It's not Summer anymore, and the weather is eventually going to remind you of this. My choice would be to add a dash of color when wearing this to get a very urban look, that's definitely going to come in handy when it rains.

4. The Classic Briefcase - It goes with pretty much everything and adds a bit of class and style to any outfit.

5. Accessories. Accessories. Accessories. - I tend to not pay much attention to this when it comes to my own outfits, but I have to remind myself that they can really add a dash of personality to what one's wearing.
What are your must-have items this Fall?

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  1. I love the first Photo, I like the shirt it looks gorgeous

  2. love your picks. I just ordered a Barbour waxed jacket and hope it gets here soon

  3. Love the shirt! and the classic brief case that i need one!
    Great post!

    JK | http://mrkanerule.blogspot.com/

  4. Love, everything but the lose fit jeans, I was think a slim straight b/c loose fit makes the bottom half undesirable. biscuit booty!

  5. Great post!Love your selections!

  6. Great cardigan. I have my Mulberry´s briefcase and I love it.

    Un saludo,