Australia's Next Top Model Rocks Cycle 7

I've been catching up on episodes of AusNTM the last few days, and I must say I'm really impressed by the amount of talent in the show's seventh season.
Not only are the girls absolutely stunning, but they deliver great photos every week. The bar has certainly been set very high this season. What I love about this show is that it focuses on creating top models rather than reality stars, and it prepares the girls for the real world.
Check out the opening video next:

Have you been watching the series?

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  1. I used to watch America's Next top model however I'll begin with this one :D
    interesting girls: Annaliese, Hazel, Montana, Neo... let's see who will be Australia's next top model!

  2. the 7th season was great! top 3 definitely deserved it. so so much better than antm...totally different standards. love that its about modeling instead of drama 24/7 too.