Bloggers Meetup: Mid-Autumn Edition

Earlier today I attended the latest edition of Absolutely Fabulous fashion & vintage fair. And although I thought to myself I was going to be late for sure, it turned out to be the perfect timing, as many of my favorite fellow bloggers just arrived as well.
The event's courtyard was full of people wearing great outfits, as well as photographers waiting to capture everything. Check out some of the photos taken, next:

Laura, with Sandra and Eve from The Hearabouts always surprise me with gorgeous outfits and fantastic color choices!

This was actually my first time meeting Andreea (Thrill of the heel) and Dana (Leather&Lace), which is quite weird, because I already felt like I knew them, since I read both their blogs all the time. Dana and I even had matching stripes!

I was also there to support the stylish Alice, who was showcasing her wonderful designs at the fair. 
As always, it's a pleasure seeing everyone. A big shout out to some other great bloggers who unfortunately I didn't get to take a photo with: Ana, Sam & Anaivilo. Hope to see everyone again soon!

Stay tuned for the outfit post!

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  1. I must say that these girls look so perfect, great choices of colors ant outfits :)
    And, I like your sweater ;)

  2. beautiful pics! have a nice week!

  3. Un frumos joc de culori, tinute si personaje :P.

  4. Great photos! I even look human! It was great seeing you again, we must be super busy to only get the chance to meet at events!:)))))

  5. Imi plac mult pozele... au iesit faiiin!


  6. hehe, we should do polka dots next time :) or, even better, our lady gaga t-shirts!!!!

    anyway, the pictures are lovely, so colourful and full of life!!

  7. @modniza thank you, i hope to see you next time as well :)

    @Alice in vintageland definitely great seeing you as well, i know, our schedules were sort of all over the place lately, but we should definitely make time to meet up more often.

    @The hearabouts glad you like them :D

    @Dana you've got a deal! :))

  8. great pics! looks like you had a great time!

    JK |

  9. everyone looks beautiful. love the vibrant colors in each outfit :)

  10. love your outfit, Costin! and the girls look amazing!

  11. Vaaaai ce draguti sunteti toti si cat de mult imi place cum v-ati imbracat ! Eu doar pe Oliviana am reusit sa o cunosc face2face dar sper ca in viitorul apropiat o sa putem face un blogger meet-up maaaaaare si national ;x

  12. just beautiful! i hope you had a good day xx


  13. It sounds like it was a wonderful day Costin.
    Your photographs are wonderful.
    Have a great start to your week!

  14. Beautiful photos! I like your cardigan. Have a great night.

  15. Next time we will take a picture for sure! These turned out beautiful! I adore the colors and yes it was a great day :D

  16. Blogger meet ups seem s so fun, cool and chic.

  17. lucky you all have this kind of meetings, you all look awesome great colors so glamorous!

  18. so colorfull photos!!!
    great blog:)
    I follow you:)
    kisses from Poland:***

  19. Amazing photos! Too bad we didn't get to take one together.
    It was great meeting all these fabulous people! Can't wait for the next meet-up!

  20. stylish lot

  21. great pics!!

  22. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures ! You rock !
    I've used some on my blog too, hope you don't mind.
    Hugs ^ _ ^

  23. Good styles... Very much color, ideas ... I love this meetings between bloggers

    Un saludo,

  24. love how everyone dresses colorful for these events! if there's one thing that makes me want to live in Buc, it's events like this one *sigh*