In Stores | Versace for H&M Collection Review

One thing is for sure: H&M's collaboration with Donatella Versace did not go by unnoticed. After eagerly going to the store the morning of the collection's launch date and thoroughly going through the products, here I am, sharing my thoughts on the designs.
No compromises were made - the collection undoubtedly stayed true to the brand, and I for one can't help but applaud that. While H&M's purpose was to bring the collection to a wider audience, (at prices much lower than Versace's usual ones) I think it never was about editing and turning down the volume, nor do I think it should have been. The collection, as I've mentioned in some of my older post, is a mixture of the label's presence at different moments in time, and materialized into iconic pieces.
Writing the review just now, after reading many others, I couldn't help but be surprised by how the collection was judged, even by some of the more popular bloggers and editors. What I noticed was how quick they were to dismiss it, and I do believe that not toning down the designs was a big part behind this. And while I do think that when criticizing a collection is all about it going through your own taste filter, it is however important to step outside the box and take a look at the label's vision and aesthetic.
In short, it is available for everyone, but it's definitely not for everyone.

The collection was split up into several groups, each one representing a specific moment of the brand's evolution and having a unique design. My favorites (probably the most commercial ones as well) were the Pelle Borchie pieces. And the must-have item from this collaboration was coincidentally the most expensive one as well - the studded, leather jacket.
While the more expensive pieces were a bit harder to sell, the accessories went off the shelves like hot cakes, as most people desired at least a souvenir of some sort from the collection.
The one thing I felt a bit disappointed about was the fact that a few days before the launch, Versace held a special runway show in NYC, where a few exclusive designs hit the catwalk. Ironically, I believe those were some of the more commercial (here I go using that word again...) pieces, and I for one would've preferred to see an orange version of the pink suit in stores.
I leave you with some more photos I took of the collection:

If you wanted to get a piece of the collection, but didn't get the chance, fear not. Donatella's collab is not over just yet, a pre-spring collection is in the works, and will hit stores in early 2012 (January 19th is going around as the precise date).

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  1. Great review!You re very right! Now, tell us, what did you get?:D

  2. I can't wait to see someone wearing this

  3. You're awesome man!
    Great post , very objective review.

  4. i like the perspective you took on the collection...its available to everyone but not for everyone. I read that the next round of the collaboration will only be available in europe

  5. I'm so jealous lol
    Great Post, i love the Collection :-)

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  7. Ha sido, bajo mi punto de vista, una de las mejores colecciones creadas para H&M, realmente espectacular. Viva VERSACE!!

    Un saludo,