Nothing Like Some Morning Shopping - Versace For H&M Style

After a few days off from blogging, I'm back! And when I say "days off", I actually mean days when my schedule was full, from morning to evening. On Thursday the Versace for H&M collection finally was released, and I was of course eager to go and check out everything.
Still, I wasn't as eager as Claudiu, who was also in town and arrived at the store way earlier than me. So we got together, checked out the collection and did a bit of shopping. This was actually the first time we met in person, so we had a whole lot to talk about.
I for one think there can be a huge different between the way clothes photograph and how they look when they're in front of you, so I really wanted to go and see everything for myself. I'll definitely be talking more about the collection, the pieces that I liked (I've got a bunch of photos that I'm dying to share) AND another wonderful event I attended later that evening, but all that after some well deserved sleep.
Here's a photo of me after the shopping trip (again, very early in the morning - at least for me, haha):

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  1. Sunt sigura ca hainele arata si mai genial cand le vezi face2face (nu stiu daca se poate folosi expresia asta in acest context, but whatever) ;x

    Oareee ce ti-ai cumparat ? De abia astept sa vad mai multe poze !

  2. I love a collection of H&M. It's very fashion.

  3. wow - VERY COOL picture
    my favourite of you so far!!

    I'm interested in any of the trousers from the

  4. I like the shopping bag the best.

  5. like a lot your new cute pic.

  6. I know what you bought MWAHAHAHAHA... I just want to see them as well ;)

  7. Show us what you got!!


  8. I can't wait for the Versace for H&M collection to hit stores tomorrow here in Los Angeles!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  9. Costin i really envy you! 'cause you can shop that amazing collection and i cant!
    its no fair! :(

  10. what did you think of Versace x H&M??

  11. I love this collection!! I buyed some clothes!!


    Adrien Loren

  12. so jealous of you

    we don't have h&m here
    but after saw the pics
    they have beautiful collection

    following you

    hope we can follow each other

  13. i love versace collection for h&m. the styles are really cool especially their blazers. i've seen one with studs and believe me it's super gorgeous! nice blog! definitely following!
    thanks for the comment my dear, come back again! :-)


  14. omg youre really cute :) thank u for the comment xx

  15. Super tare!
    Daca intarziam , poate ne intalneam ...
    Sa porti cu parere achizitiile facute!

  16. Nothing better than starting with shopping in the morning ;) I hope you liked the collection x

  17. hey! thanks for your comment!
    btw, I'm already waiting for those posts about Versace for H&M (we don't have H&M here in Estonia though and that is so unfair :P).
    oh, and I'm your follower now. hope you'll follow back :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  18. hi, costin! thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. :) sure, i'd love to follow each other. i am following you via google, and i also "like"'d you on facebook. :) would love it if you can do facebook also... haha. thanks, and so glad we can be blogger-buddies. btw, you look GREAT... and you have great style. i love your banner on top also! (simplicity is key!) :)

    have a fantastic wknd!


  19. Hi Costin, thank you for checking out my page and commenting :-)!!! I just checked out your blog and I'm loving your posts.I love your morning shopping look and I understand when you say it was too early, because early shopping for me is around! Now following you on twitter, FB and google friend connect so look forward to seeing more posts from you!