Make it Work Moment

No, although it may seem like it, this is not one of Project Runway's unconventional materials challenges. This is how my school's foyer looked like today; guess getting to see cool works like these in the making is one of the perks of being an architecture student.
The students from the design department gathered to create these unique garments for a workshop. The theme was "Enchanting VS Techno-pop".
Paired off in teams, each tried to best convey their own vision on the subject, the result being a great range of ingenious designs. The only thing I regret is not getting to see the finished works - still, I'm sure they looked amazing, simply because the work in progress did as well.
Take a look at more photos next:

More photos will be posted soon on my facebook page.

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  1. Foarte creative toate tinutele!
    Bravo colegilor tai si multumim pentru ca ne-ai permis sa trecem si noi in...backstage!
    P.S: Imi plac la nebunie manechinii!

  2. These DO look cool :). I like the first one in particular.


  3. Your fellow students should be the next batch of new designers. These are so good