Plaid and Denim Daze

With the holidays slowly but surely approaching, it's hard not to get in the Christmas state of mind; I'm sure that putting together a wishlist is a must. So, what are your holiday essentials?
For me, this is the perfect time to gear up for winter, and get some new clothes for myself or as presents. I'd be lying if I said I didn't associate Christmas with the smell of cinnamon, oranges, or with relaxing in front of the fireplace. And in this cinematic idea that I have in my head, the perfect outfit would be something very similar to the picture above - a lumberjack look.
From my outfit posts, I think it's no secret that plaid shirts are one of my weaknesses. There's something about them that gives off a casual, yet put together vibe, and for me, that's great for an everyday look.
I was actually browsing for some cool designer shirts to add to my wishlist and what really captured my attention, besides plaid, were the denim shirts. Like Zac Efron proved during his recent London stay, denim always comes back in style.

What I recommend is going through the awesome selection of superdry designer shirts for men. They have a great range of plaid and denim that will for sure meet anyone's needs. I know I'll be busy browsing through their items!
Is your wishlist all ready to go yet? Or do you prefer doing some last minute shopping?

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  1. like the boots of the first pic.

  2. haha plaid shirts are my weakness also
    ... I love the grunge connection
    + looks great on girls too

  3. My essentials: slippers, white shirt, blazer and pashminas...

    Un saludo,

  4. i have always been a fan of plaid

  5. I swear if my partner buys another plaid shirt I will scream! Sorry to say I am over plaid.

  6. I love a guy in plaid! (: