Tom Ford | Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind Documentary

Tom Ford is a name that needs no introduction. He is one of the most influential people of our times and undoubtedly one of the most creative - a true visionary.
I'm not referring just to the fashion side of Tom Ford, because I think that would by no means be a sufficient explanation to what he is all about; no, there's much more going on. In the documentary "Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind" that aired on OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network) this October, we got the privilege of taking a behind the scenes look at the world of Tom Ford.
The designer talked about his career, starting with his move to New York, wanting to pursue acting, his transition into architecture and fashion, and later filmmaking. Also, we got to see a part of his design process, and I must say that it's quite a treat to be able to catch a glimpse into this world that's usually off limits.
I would like to emphasize how much I admire Tom Ford, I think he's nothing less than an icon. It was impressive listening to him talk about how he used to incorporate fashion into his architecture projects, and how later, when he graduated, he created a fashion portfolio and went to interviews and said he studied at Parsons, omitting that it was architecture, not fashion.
To learn more about Tom Ford's career, his time working with Gucci and YSL, as well as his cinematic masterpiece "A Single Man" you HAVE TO watch the full documentary!

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  1. TOM FORD is the GOD of the fashion, shows and runway.
    I don´t knew nothing about this documentary. Thanks for this post.

    Un saludo,

  2. He is a genius, what more to say about him? ;-)
    I did not know your blog ... I hope we continue :-)

    Merry Christmas and many greetings!

  3. I wouldn't say genius, he just has been able to push men fashion boundaries without intimidating the male masculinity.

  4. E un geniu!!!
    Unu' din putinii mei idoli!
    Multumesc ca m-ai imbogatit spiritual cu acest clip!
    Te salut!