Die Bichler-Bibliothek

Apr 21, 2011

I'm so glad to finally have some free time on my hands - although, I must admit, I keep thinking about all my unfinished projects. But for now at least I wanted to go relax. And my "go to" place: Sibiu, Romania.
I had the chance to visit some of my really close friends, and I just had to take some photos of their awesome bookcase.

And btw, my friend Laura was a literature major in college.

ZARA Man April Lookbook

Apr 16, 2011

This month, ZARA offers new styling choices for Spring 2011 with 11 new looks. Check them out here:

Cinemagraphs, Bringing Photos To Life

Apr 14, 2011

"The technology to create GIF’s has been around a while but I believe its potential for both expression and impact, within the fashion world, has yet to be properly tapped." - Coco Rocha 

Couldn't agree more. GIF's have been used a lot lately, but often the result wasn't all that, let's say, artistic. Thankfully, that is not the case with NYC based photographer Jamie. She has been creating moving images, cinemagraphs as she calls them, that manage to enhance the mood of a still photo.
Jamie's work features big names in the fashion industry, such as Anna Wintour, Nina Garcia or model Coco Rocha. View more of her amazing cinemagraphs next:

View more of Jamie's work on her blog.

Lukas Sowada Photography

Apr 12, 2011

Lukas Sowada is an art and fashion photographer, who has been showcasing his work on his photo blog, a blog that I've been following for quite some time.
Here are some of his photos:

View more of Lukas' work on his tumblr blog.

Absolutely Fabulous 7th Edition

Apr 11, 2011

Yesterday I attended another really cool vintage fair - Absolutely Fabulous. I went to support Alice, who this time was selling her latest creations, and she always tells me that I'm somewhat of a good luck charm for her, so how could I not go, right?

Here are some of the photos I took:

You can view more of Alice's designs her blog

I really love these amazing shoes. Designed by Gabriela Atanasiu.

And just as I was heading out I bumped into the awesome girls from The Hearabouts - Sandra and Eve, and Laura from Tokyo ans Seoul Dreams, and we just had to take some photos!

Sunday Stand Outs #10

Apr 10, 2011

Ready for this week's inspiration post? Check out the cool stuff I found around the web!

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