A Day In The Life Of Sean O'Pry

Sep 30, 2011

Ever wondered what a day in the life of one of the most sought-after models is like? Well, now you'll have the opportunity to get a taste of what goes on behind the runway.
During the chaos that was New York Fashion Week, photographer Shannon Sinclair got to spend a day with Sean O'Pry, following him to castings and fittings. Sean is currently ranked as the #1 model on models.com
Check out the photos next:

Calzedonia Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Collection

Sep 29, 2011

As I've probably mentioned before, there are a lot of great fall campaigns; this time, I decided to share with you Calzedonia's latest collection, featuring model Andy Richardson.
Definitely some amazing garments, but I'll let you judge for yourself - here are the photos, accompanied by a behind the scenes video:

Get Ready For The Jet Age

Sep 28, 2011

Meet the women of the future, 1960s' style, with ABC's brand new show, Pan Am. If you're looking for a new show to watch this is without doubt my first recommendation.
Set in 60s' New York, the series follows the lives and dramas of Pan Am Airlines' stewardesses and pilots, at the height of the company's success. While many immediately reference Mad Men when talking about this show, I believe there's a better comparison: the show brings a visual exuberance similar to Tom Ford's movie - A Single Man. The team behind the show definitely deserves a round of applause because everything is extremely well thought out and comes together beautifully - from sets to costumes to camerawork.

As for the story, I believe it's very captivating, and that can be quite tricky since we're just talking about the pilot. Still, the show really succeeds in creating wonderful stories while introducing us to it's characters.
Now that we're talking about the characters, again I feel very pleased, because the writers did a great job in creating a diverse group of people that you'll surely find yourself rooting for: From Maggie - the bohemian, played by Christina Ricci, to Laura - the runaway bride.
I will try and contain my enthusiasm and not give away too much, so I live you with some more amazing stills and the trailer:

Did you watch Pan Am or have I convinced you to give it a shot? Let me know what you think about the show!

Nothing Like A Couple Of Days Off

Sep 27, 2011

After taking a few days off, now I'm back and I'm totally ready for the new semester of school, which starts next week. 
This year is quite important, it's my second to last year at the University of Architecture, and I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. It's definitely the time to start make some important decisions, but I'm hoping everything will fall into place and go well.
Didn't really take a lot of photos during this mini-vacation, but here are a couple of detail shots:

The Street Aesthetic of New York

Sep 24, 2011

You've already had an online tour of London and Paris, and now it's time for New York. This video was shot by Christian Andersen, who aimed at capturing the city's essence:
I had a chance to go visit one of the greatest cities this summer. Right when I got of the plane and arrived downtown New York, I took my camera and strolled out through the busy streets of New York City. I wanted to capture the great culture and street aesthetic of New York and I think it turned out really well. The video includes recordings from both Manhattan and Brooklyn, where I spend hours capturing the culture and everyday life of native New Yorkers.
Check out some more stills and the video, next:

ZARA Young Man September 2011 Lookbook

Sep 22, 2011

Here is ZARA Young's September 2011 lookbook, featuring some very cool autumn outfits. If you were looking for some inspiration for this season, check out the photos. And if you're looking for more tips about this season's trends, check out my guest post on fashioninmyeyes.com

From Point A To Point B

Sep 21, 2011

A few days ago I met up with Bogdan to grab a bite to eat, and we ended up going from one neighbourhood in Bucharest to another, thus the title. It does sound a bit more dramatic than it actually was, because they are in fact like 3 streets apart from each other.
Since my new camera lens just arrived I was really eager to take lots and lots of photos: you've already seen the photos Bogdan took of me in this outfit post, and now here are the photos that I took. Hope you like them!

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