Are You Feeling The Halloween Spirit?

Oct 31, 2011

Boo! Halloween 2011 is here and I'm so excited. Today I've been looking at celebs and their costumes - Heidi Klum always rocks this holiday, don't you think?
Since today is Monday me and my friends, including of course Sam who you probably know, decided to celebrate Halloween yesterday. We didn't do crazy costumes (although I tried to convince Bogdan to let me try a Rick Genest look on him), but we did make some jack-o-lanterns!

Take a look at the photos from that night next:

Did you celebrate Halloween? And how do you think our jack-o-lanterns turned out?

Coca-Cola Cans Turn Arctic White For Endangered Polar Bears

This winter, the iconic Coke cans will get a new design, turning white. The reason? The Coca-Cola Company and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are teaming up to protect the polar bear's home.
"We want to help the polar bear -- a beloved Coca-Cola icon since 1922 -- by helping conserve its Arctic habitat," said Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company. "That's why we're using one of our greatest assets -- our flagship brand, Coca-Cola -- to raise awareness for this important cause. And by partnering with WWF, we can truly make a positive difference for these majestic animals."
Furthermore, Coca-Cola is donating an initial $2 million dollars for the cause, and will match up to $1 million of consumers donations.
What do you think about the design? Will you support the cause?
Find out more from the video below:

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Michael Gstoettner For Divarese Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Campaign

Oct 30, 2011

Divarese releases it's newest campaign photos, shot by Koray Birand. And modeling their collection is Austrian male model Michael Gstoettner.
This season's designs are fantastic, the bags, the shoes, the belts, everything is extremely well made and very elegant, definitely something everyone should consider adding to their shopping lists!
Take a look at the campaign photos next:

What Designer Would You Wear For Halloween?

Oct 29, 2011

The last days of October - everyone knows what that means (besides turning your clock back one hour) - Halloween! So I had this idea: what if you could choose a designer to create a one of a kind outfit for the occasion, just for you? How amazing would that be, right? So I asked Sam from "Travelling, with a hint of fashion" to create write a guest post with her top choices; after all, she's a pro when it comes to runway. Read it below:

Halloween is just around the corner and the question on everyone’s lips these days is “What are you going to wear?” or “Did you find a costume?” followed inevitably by hysterical laughter and giggles.
Finding a suitable costume for this celebration is very difficult, as you want it to express what you are and what you feel, but you also want to feel sexy in it. It’s always a very big challenge to find the perfect pieces and just think about that horrible moment when you arrive at a party with a fabulous costume that you’re very proud of and you see someone else there wearing the same one?
But what if you could be certain that you’re going to be unique, what if… a designer could craft a Halloween outfit just for you? This made me think about what designers would be more suitable to create my perfect Halloween costume.
This is what I came up with:

Emilio Pucci | "Gypsy Princess"

Francesco Scognamiglio | "Wife of Frankenstein"

Gareth Pugh

Givenchy | "Glamorous Morticia", "Princess of the Dark Waters", "Gold Digger"

Louis Vuitton | "Sexy Chambermaid"

Thierry Mugler | "Devil", "Glam Morticia", "Skeletons"

And because not everything has to be scary on Halloween night, here are some more colorful outfits (among them my absolute favorite Fairytale Thorns).

John Galliano | "Magical Egypt", "18th Century", "Sunshine", "Fairytale Thorns".

What designer would you pick to design your outfit?

Francisco Lachowski for L'Officiel Hommes Korea

Brazilian male model Francisco Lachowski is photographed by Kim Hanjun for men's fashion magazine L'Officiel Hommes Korea.
Francisco is wearing wonderfully tailored, modern designs; take a look at the photos next:

Ready For A Scare? American Horror Story

Oct 28, 2011

This fall, the creator of Nip/Tuck and co-creators of Glee have something new in store for you: American Horror Story, a new series airing on FX. The thriller/horror follows the Harmond family, who moved from Boston to Los Angeles wanting a new start as a way of dealing with their past tragedies. However, the family is unaware that their new home is in fact haunted.
Having watched Ryan Murphy's other series, I was quite eager to see what this show was all about, because in the past, all of his work had tremendous potential - and I wasn't disappointed. While the premiere seemed a bit like watching a random episode of "A Haunting", the show has a way of growing on you and getting you hooked. And while we're speaking of Ryan, I'm sure fans will notice some similarities between this show and his previous work, but also something new, and perhaps unexpected.
One of my main concerns is that when doing a horror series, I for one tend to think anthologies do a better job, simply because each episode can bring something new, and the plot doesn't get too tangled up in itself. Furthermore, how many bad things can happen to the characters, without the show losing a certain credibility?

Four episodes in, I stand corrected, as I realize the plot doesn't get repetitive or inconsistent, but makes the series more complex and coherent with every new episode.
Does it redefine a genre? Perhaps not, I don't even think it should, but it does create an addictive and entertaining show. And while the story is captivating, what really sells it for me are the characters, who are so over the top but relatable, that seem one dimensional at first, but are in fact complex, with a mysterious past that shaped them intro what we get to see.

Dylan McDermott plays Ben Harmond, a psychiatrist who has an affair with one of his students after his wife Vivien (Connie Britton) has a miscarriage. Wanting a new start, the two and their daughter Violet move in a restored mansion in L.A. This is the point when several other characters appear, all of them in one way or another connected to the haunted house (including True Blood's Denis O'Hare as one of the house's many previous owners). Perhaps the most intriguing one is Moira O'Hara, the housekeeper with two polar opposite sides (played by Frances Conroy and Alexandra Breckenridge).

Overall, the show proves to be very dynamic, promising and sometimes unexpected, and should be on every horror fan's to watch list this season.
I leave you with a family portrait video. Will you be watching?

Modern Exposure: Barcode House

Designed by architect David Jameson in Washington, DC, the Barcode House is a modern extension to an existing row house, but set apart because of it's transparency, which clrearly crates a strong contrast with the rest of the building..
Using large panes of glass, the two story addition features a kitchen on the first floor, and a living area on the second floor, spaces that are connected with the pre-existent house. The project features a pattern of black steel rods which resemble a barcode - thus, the name.

"Barcode House explores juxtapositions between the heavy and the light and the old and the new. The work is formed by positioning the projects diverse pressures into a unique situational aesthetic. Brittle masonry walls of the existing Washington, DC row house governed that the addition be engineered as a freestanding structure. Site constraints dictated a vertically oriented spatial solution. The clients desire for transparent living space generated the opportunity to create an integrated solution for lateral force requirements. Structural steel rods within a glass window wall are aligned with datum lines of the neighboring building elevations. A stucco circulation tower anchors the living space to the existing row house." -- David Jameson

source 1, 2

Tobias Sorensen for Kelburn Fall 2011

Oct 26, 2011

Top model Tobias Sorensen suits up for Kelburn's Fall 2011 campaign, which features some amazing designs that include slick, double breasted suits (a season must-have in my opinion), intricate jackets, knits and more.
Take a look at the awesome campaign photos below:

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