A Night at the Opera | Project Runway All Stars S01E02 [Review]

After a somewhat flat season premiere, Project Runway All Stars picks up the pace with it’s second episode. While the fan favorite unconventional materials challenge showcased nothing extraordinary, the second challenge managed to turn things around, as the designers had to create a high end glamorous look for a night at the opera.
The guest judges, designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka, encouraged the contestants to design something feminine and soft, something worthy of being called couture. However, creating couture in a day - the time given for this challenge – is nothing less than blasphemy!
Having this incredible time constrait, it’s definitely make or break for the designers, and while some of them thrived, others crumbled under the pressure.
In the battle for fabrics, Michael and April once again bump heads, and Michael ends up going for black jersey instead of red. Turns out to be a very smart choice, as I think his design looked stunning in black, and red would’ve just been overkill. Seriously, I have no clue how he managed to get everything done in just one day, because the dress looked runway-perfect; definitely my favorite look of the week.

The other two top looks of the week were Austin and Anthony’s. Understandably so, as both had amazing silhouettes, fabrics and concepts and went great with the theme. But while Austin did win the challenge, I do have to disagree, as I found the dress a bit dated rather than classic.
On the other hand, it was no surprise who the bottom 3 designers were. The theme was „a night at the opera” and those designs were anything but.
April did have an amazing concept, had she pulled it off it would’ve been amazing, because she can construct amazing things, but under the time constraits, had her model walked out in slow motion, it would've looked exactly like the opening scene from Melancholia.
Sweet P and Kara were the other two bottom designers, both their dresses looking like something you’d wear to a picnic rather than the opera. But while there was a glimpse of hope for Kara’s design – I think smart styling choices can save her design – there was none for Sweet P, and the judges agreed, making her the second eliminanted All Star.

What was your favorite design this week? For me it was definitely Michael, but Mila also amazed me with her stunning black dress. If you haven't watched the episode, you can still check out all of the designs on mylifetime.com
Not sure how I feel about the next episode, when the guest star will be Miss Piggy. Seems a bit too gimmicky for an All Star season if you ask me. Am I the only one who still has mixed feelings about the show?

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  1. waa...nu stiam ca a aparut. ma pun si eu pe vizionat :D

  2. love the pics and the clothes


  3. Loved michael's look, thought he was the clear winner! Thought Mondo's look was really great too. Also liking the judges and mentor but Heidi was definitely a better host!