Patterning for Piggy | Project Runway All Stars S01E03 [Review]

Angela Lindvall is a human Barbie; I actually think she is doing a great job as the host of All Stars - Heidi Klum has some competition! That's pretty much the only thing I liked about the latest episode of Project Runway.
I'm not saying this because I didn't appreciate the designs, but because it was a challenge that just couldn't have a good outcome. The task: designing for an international celebrity - Miss Piggy. Now, I do get the objective was to see how everyone incorporates their own style into the garments and I know there was a season where the designers had to create a Barbie doll outfit, but however, this challenge was doomed from the very beginning. 
There simply was no way any of them could pull this one off, because Miss Piggy's figure and a runway model's figure are two completely different things. When designing, proportion is key, so, in my opinion, what would look stunning on the runway would not be as fabulous on miss Piggy and vice versa.
The designers quickly split up into two categories: the ones using black fabrics and the ones that chose pink. I have absolutely no clue what the ones that selected black were thinking. Cocktail dress appropriate - yes. Miss Piggy appropriate - no.
I think this was actually a great opportunity to go all out and create something larger than life - perhaps Chris March would've shined in this challenge had he been a part of All Stars. There was no limit, really, to how far the contestants could push their designs. However, I do feel that 1day challenges are a poor choice, since it is simply not enough time to create something that has that wow-factor.

On another note, I'm glad to see prison hasn't changed Kenley, who created a very girly, giraffe print dress. She was part of the top three, along with Rami who also went for pink and Michael. The bottom three I had mixed feelings about, because I think many of them had good ideas, and had they been tweaked a bit they could have worked. For example, Mila had great inspiration, and I loved her dress, but for miss Piggy, I think maybe inverting the colors or perhaps using a pink/sparkly fabric (although cheesy) would've been better.
Gordana also created something very pretty, but again, keeping in mind that they were designing for Piggy, she could have given the dress 100% more volume and shorten it to the limit. As for Austin, I fear there was no saving his design; besides the not so good color combination, the only moment in Project Runway history when adding something to the hips was a great choice was during the car parts challenge back in season 5. Remember Leanne's dress? Needless to say, I disagree with the judges. 
Let's just hope the next episode will make up for this one. It's definitely been a bumpy ride with these first episodes.

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  1. Hi Costin,please tell me where to find the new season,vplay is not my solution now.Thanks

  2. ador project runway. chiar vreau sa ma uit din nou :D thanks for reminding me !! xx

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