Sales Everywhere!

Can't believe how fast this day's gone by! Well, perhaps it's because since I'm on vacation I've developed a habit of sleeping late - no complaints here, a few extra hours of sleep are more than welcome since finals are just a few weeks away, and I know this involves some sleepless night.
So after waking up I spent the biggest part of my day shopping, since every store has started their mid-season sales. Unfortunately, according to Murphy's law this means I'll never be able to find something my size for the rest of the season. That being said, I'm glad I bought the must-have pieces when they first came out (and even so, I had to search about 5 different stores until I found the right size - talking about my military inspired coat).
So, are there any items you'd like to purchase now that they're on sale?

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  1. i like these shoes for spring!!

  2. Sale items... Hmm... Can I buy everything? ;D Okay, but seriously speaking there are a few things I would like to get into my closet ;) xoxo

  3. I bought some great trousers at Urban Outfitters, a Cricketers vest from Brooks Bothers and the best topcoat from Topman! Yay!

  4. temptation everywhere...

  5. Dillard's had these on sale for 80% off

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