A Game of Eye Spy

I remember reading an intriguing article a while ago - it was about a new laser procedure, still in testing thought, that could change your eye color from brown to blue. Looks like what we'd normally classify as science fiction is just around the corner! That got me thinking, if you could, would you change your eye color?
Having already talked about glasses in a previous article, I wanted to focus now on contact lenses, which are a quick and efficient way of changing your eye color while getting crystal clear vision. 
Now, choosing between glasses and lenses can be quite tricky, and it's ultimately up to you. It really depends on what you want. For example, some people prefer glasses, because they consider them more easy to maintain. Not to mention they can also become a great, stylish accessory - lots of famous brands have designed eyewear!

Lenses however also have their benefits! Maybe glasses aren't your thing - they don't feel quite right and don't work well with your features. Then lenses are a great option, as they can go by completely unnoticed. And, if you feel like you'd want to enhance your look, you can opt for cosmetic lenses and change your eye color. I for one even know about models and beauty queens that have colored contact lenses - it's a popular choice.
When it comes to shopping, just remember that while you may buy cheap contact lenses, the key is not to pick cheap-looking ones. 
Having dark, brown eyes myself I would definitely like to try a new eye color. How about you?
photos via costinm.tumblr.com

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  1. I think its stupid want to be a person who are not you...i think... :)