Anamorphic Illusions: Creative or Costly?

I think everyone enjoys a great optical illusion, but is it art or just a gimmick? Artists like Felice Varini, whose work is featured in this article has been using them in his career for over 30 years.
Anamorphic illusions are effective when viewed from a specific angle, but as an architect I was always taught that taking into considerations various angles is a must. After all, it's not like everyone will be standing in the exact same spot when viewing your work, and when viewed from any other angle, these type of illusions just look like a bunch of incohesive, random shapes.
By no means am I trying to undermine this type of work, it is in fact pretty cool, yet I can't help but find it quite gimmicky. What are your thoughts? Take a look at more photos next:

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  1. I don't think its gimmicky it think it does what art supposes to to; bring the view in. I'm sure some people called Warhol work gimmicky. Same with graffiti artist.

  2. I think in a public building it is very cool, but not in a residential house. Seeing it every day, I'm sure it bores you soon.

  3. WOW!!!
    Creatorii acestor opere sunt genii!!!

  4. wow!!!!!!i really love these images!!!!!

  5. fantastic! i appreciate all the effort put into these works of art.