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Going through my inspiration blog, I'm sure you'll notice that a lot of the outfits feature eyewear as accessories. Truth be told, eyeglasses have gone a long way from being necessity driven; aesthetics now play a crucial part when it comes to this type of product. Design can be fused with functionality, as well as it can stand on it's own.
The reality is about half of the adult population needs to wear prescription glasses, so this definitely is a subject that needs further discussing. Yes, comfort and quality are in this case essential, as everyone should have a crystal clear vision, but let's not forget about the fashion side of things.

A lot of brands such as Converse, Kenneth Cole, Timberland or Diesel create great looking glasses, so it's just a matter of finding the right type for you. I believe glasses can undoubtedly reflect and even enhance one's personality, so take a moment when choosing a pair. Think about what you're trying to put across - will it be an updated, modern nerd look, a hipster vibe, or perhaps a very sharp, classic feel? It's up to you.
It's a good thing that not only can you get a great, well defined look when wearing glasses, but you can do it for any type of budget - online destinations such as offer a wide range of designs at great prices.
Want to see some cool examples of eyewear designs and how to wear them in style? Here are a few inspirational images:

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  1. beautiful and mode glasses

  2. i love a man who can rock bold frames

    1. Thinking exactly what Tori's saying :D

  3. These are all amazing! I love that second photo. Geek chic!

  4. Super ochelari!
    I-as purta pe toti!

  5. I really like nerdy glasses... especially fo men! You chose nice pics!!

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