Off to the Races

Growing up, Formula 1 has always been a family tradition of sorts. I remember me and my dad always used to watch the races together on TV, rooting for our favorite teams. Just like any other competition, you want to see your favorite up there on the podium and as a fan, you do everything you can to show your support, be it screaming like a crazy person in front of the television, or going to the track and watching the races live.
There are of course, plenty of other ways of showing your support. It's really a great thing that teams sell apparel, I believe that's an interesting way of establishing a long lasting connection between them and the fans. While the races themselves only take place for so long, you can wear the clothing anytime.

I particularly like McLaren men’s clothing, because not only is it a great way to show your support, as I've said before, but also each item has an amazing taste level, the design is fantastic, as is the quality. Speaking of design, Hugo Boss has celebrated a 30 year anniversary for the ongoing collaboration with McLaren, and has made available a great range of garments to mark the occasion, including the black team jacket pictured above.
Bottom line, when it comes to choosing sportswear, I think that's a perfect opportunity to think of your favorite team, don't you?

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