Customer Confrontation | Fashion Star S01E02 Review

The second week of fashion star definitely had it's high points as well as low points. It was all about appealing to a wide demographic, as the designer met with potential clients and had to take their opinions into consideration before showing their garments to the buyers.
It's all too clear that while some have very commercial designs, other try to stand out by using a strong concept. I am all for that, but however it's hard to try and reinvent the wheel, especially in a limited amount of time, as the project can turn out quite gimmicky when the execution isn't that refined and well thought out. For example Ronnie's zipper dress had a great idea, but sort of looked like a muppet's head.
Some of the designers really managed to impress me, which is surprising, because they didn't do so great during the first week. Probably the biggest surprise for me was Barbara Bates, who even though had no offers from the buyers, undoubtedly did an amazing job. The proportions were spot on and the materials looked incredible on the runway.

Some other designs I liked came from Lisa Vian Hunter, Orly Shani and Sarah Parrott. While Nzimiro's men's shirt did get offers from all of the buyers, I wasn't feeling the design as much unfortunately.
One of the biggest problem right now I believe is how unflattering some of the designs look. When it doesn't look that good on a size 2 model, odds are it won't work in a retail store.

Oscar was one again in the bottom two, and had to go home. However I don't think his designs were the least successful. Who did I like the least? Ross Bennett. It's one thing to have a Texas-inspired design, but his jackets went a bit to far and looked more like costumes - "Dallas", as Theron Schaefer puts it.
Do you think the buyers made the right choice? Who should have gone home this week?

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