In Stores Now: Marni at H&M

Today was the launch of Marni's collection for H&M, so I just had to go and take a look at the designs in person. What I will say is that this time around things were very different from the brand's previous collaboration with Versace, as there was no item limit per person, and I was surprised to see people walking away with around 5 shopping bags. Perhaps the new policy comes as a response to the previous collab not doing so well in sales - even a month or so after the launch, there were Versace for H&M garments with ridiculously low prices on the racks.

As for this collection, what I did love was Marni's signature style that was definitely embedded in the clothes and accessories. It's a very fun collection that's so easy to mix and match, and what really stood out to me was the bright, bold yellow color used throughout the line.
Also, a shout out to Claudiu from In Blinding Lights is in order, it seems like it's become a bit of a tradition to meet up when new collections are released!
Below you'll find some more photos from the H&M store, check them out and don't forget to like my facebook page if you haven't already, because more photos will be posted there soon!

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  1. Me enantan las fotoooos

    Un saludo

  2. shoes!!! I love this collection!

  3. nice collection

  4. I love your pics and the collection t's great ;)