The Signature Piece | Fashion Star S01E01 Review

Watch your back, Project Runway, there's a new fashion show in town! Earlier this week, NBC's new series, Fashion Star premiered - and it's already got my attention!
The network really went all out with this show - it's definitely something new and exciting that has never been done before. Fourteen designers are getting the chance of a lifetime; while you may have heard that on other shows, I think this one tops them all.
Each week the contestants showcase their designs in a fashion show to some of America's most beloved retailers: Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M. That, combined with the amount of exposure seems like a dream come true, but there's even more: every look from the show one of the buyers decide to bid on will be available in their stores the very next day! From Runway straight to stores, it seems unbelievable! Also, the  winner of the show will be able to sell his or her collection in all 3 stores - a contract worth $6,000,000. Not bad at all!

Mentoring the contestants are 3 extremely well known names in the fashion industry: Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos, and hosting the show is none other than supermodel Elle Macpherson.
What I really like about the show is that it sets itself apart from other fashion themed reality series. It doesn't focus as much on ridiculous time constraints, but it really tries to help the designers achieve great results. Not everyone is a great pattern maker for example, but here each contestant has a great team to help them with the garments and styling. Also, what I really appreciate is that the show features menswear as well as womenswear, that's a great thing if you ask me.
The first week, the designers had to present a 3 look showcase featuring their signature look.
While some shined because of their innovative creations, others got a bit lost in the crowd. It's a bit tough to create something fashion forward, but also pulled back, because essentially it's implied that the pieces have to be commercial if they have to make it in one of the 3 retail stores.
I won't go into detail, but some of my favorite looks were Orly's zipper skirt and Nzimiro's sports jacket:

Some of the not so successful designs were Nicholas' biker jacket and Barbara's ruffle dresses. It's beyond me how a designer can think that adding volume on a woman's hips is a good idea. While I do think there was anything special about the men's jackets I don't really get all of the harsh criticism Nicholas got for the styling. As someone who likes to mix and match, and create eclectic outfits, I quite liked his looks. Also, I didn't really get Kara's collection, it was basically ties stapled onto collars, with the models wearing someone else's clothes. I'm no genius, but to me that seems like a really bad call.

Did you watch the series premiere of Fashion Star? What are your thoughts? I'm already hooked and can't wait for next week's episode!

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