Florrie | Experimenting with Rugs (Official Music Video)

My newest addiction in terms of music is English singer/songwriter Florrie. Did I mention she's also a model? ... like I needed to tell you that. Discovering her through Spotify led to me playing her songs on repeat for hours - she's got a cool sound that just sticks with you, without being 100% pop.

It's hard to describe actually, so I'll leave you with one of my favorite songs - Experimenting with Rugs:

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  1. I am in love with florrie`s music too!

  2. I am sorry for being off topic, but I have a curiosity. I noticed that you are using Spotify in Romania. Could you mail me the trickery xD? I mean, from what I know, you can't use it here. Yet. Thanks!

    on topic. She is hot as hell and talented aswell!

  3. I love her too :D niiice. nu stiam de clipul asta nou:) thanks for sharing!