Night Out @British Council

Although I've been walking past the British Council nearly everyday for the last few years on my way home, I've never actually gone in until last night. On June 22nd, Bucharest celebrated a nocturnal cultural marathon where anyone could visit the cultural institutions in town, so I finally decided to go and check it out. Everything was sports themed, and guests got a chance to play Fussball, Cricket or Ping-Pong. Also, sports movies were being projected throughout the night. For those who preferred something less physical, the library was also open and a special corner was set up to play board games.
It was so much fun, the perfect escape from finals, which unfortunately, I haven't finished yet!
So, while I go and study some more, I encourage you to take a look at some of the photos I took last night:

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  1. Love the pics! and love your blog!
    Amazing details!!!

    Love Oana:)

  2. Great photos, thanks for featuring my back :))
    Too bad you didn't stay for a fussball match at the end!