Summer's End | Miguel Iglesias for HOM Underwear F/W 2012

Miguel Iglesias is back for another season as HOM's leading man. The French label puts forth several different lines for Fall/Winter 2012.2013 - here they are:

The Black Addict collection is THE fashion statement.

The Black Addict man loves fashion and seeks pleasure. He regularly practises sport to keep fit and uses cosmetics. He’s always after the latest fashion trends and the latest technology. He’s urban, lives in a trendy world, knows he’s attractive and likes to show it. Whether he be single or not he loves night life and clubbing and chooses his holiday destinations accordingly.
He knows how to dress in the latest fashion and shows off his body with the Home and Beach bodywear from the Black Addict collection. He will find that short, supportive and sexy briefs with rock n’roll detailing and dark colours is just what he needs to complete his wardrobe.

The Business collection To show who you are and how you do it

The successful « working boy » will surely empathise with the HOM Business collection. Because we believe that less is more, our design is sober yet elegant and refined. Super comfortable underwear as well as the Home wear collection fit perfectly under the manager’s suit, dressed for success. He has the traits of the modern manager: he is ambitious, demanding, and efficient and loves challenges. He spends his free time with his family or his friends with whom he enjoys practising his favourite sport or sharing new information on the latest technology. He enjoys attending art exhibitions and concerts. He spends his holidays travelling and relaxing on tropical beaches and never forgets to pack his chic and colorful HOM swimsuits.

HO1to collect without moderation

The HO1 man pays attention to the comfort, function and style of the garments he wears.
Since 1997, HO1 – which stands for Horizontal Opening N°1 – has become the signature garment of HOM’s collection. Its unique fabric, a mixture of cotton, modal and elastane paired with its unique style offers the ultimate comfort. Recently, the HO1 collection has added on a whole new range of fabrics and prints.

The Sport Collection: the right balance between technical qualities and style.

The SPORT man is fun and friendly, loves all different kinds of sport and has strong team spirit. Because he wishes to combine fashion and performance, he wears bright, comfortable and supportive bodywear in breathable fabric. He likes to spend time with friends and family discussing his points of interest and his hobbies such as sport, cars, and gadgets. Underwater, he wears HOM swimsuits for their special fit and design.

The Temptation collection: definitely masculine lingerie for special occasions

The Temptation man is a modern seducer. Refinement and elegance are part of his everyday life. He cares about his physique and for special occasions, wears delicate luxury underwear to please his partner. He’s urban, confident about the way he looks and prepared to spend what it takes to buy tasteful bodywear that fits just right.
The up-market Temptation collection is audacious, erotic and chic. It’s genuine lingerie for men with perfect detailing and delicate flowing fabrics.


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