Love Thy Planet | Puma Creative Factory 2012

Starting with 2010, Puma has been redefining custom made designs by constantly coming up with great, innovative ideas on how the customer can put his own spin on the renowned brand's products. This year, under the theme "Love Thy Planet", Puma's Creative Factory teamed up with Lumi in order to create unique t-shirt and tote bag designs.
For those of you who haven't heard about Lumi - they're a new brand which developed an amazingly cool paint called Inkodye. This actually takes photography out of the dark room and into the sun by using a special paint that's light activated. Those taking part in the event got to experiment with all of the different techniques available in the creative process - from using photo negatives that could be printed on the spot, to screen printing or even traditional painting.
All in all, it was a fantastic and fun experience. I actually used 3 photo negatives to custom design a t-shirt (by taking photos of Denisa, Manuela and myself right then and there) and screen printing for a tote bag (which you'll be seeing in my next outfit post).
Check out some more photos from the event below:

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  1. nice event

  2. awesome pictures :) love your blog!

  3. Ce frumos ca ai putut sa ajungi.
    Super event!

  4. Mi-ar fi placut si mie sa particip. Am postat pe blog despre el, insa, din pacate, sunt din Constanta...Maybe next time. :)

  5. cool Pics !! looks like the event rocked