Bloggers with iPhones: Lana and Daenerys Edition

It's a dangerous combination, I'll admit! Having recently gotten an iPhone, I'm totally addicted to it (somehow that wasn't the case when I had a BlackBerry).
The best part is that now I can use the custom iPhone cases I've designed myself! Right now I'm using Lana Del Rey; it's always a great feeling seeing the product in front of me rather than on the screen.
My good friend Denisa from Fashion in my Eyes is a huge Daenerys Targaryen fan, so I just had to give her a case with Dani! Now all we need to do is convince Alice to join our Apple cult and we're set! Here are a few photos of us and our cases, hope you guys love them as much as I do!
Don't forget, they are available for purchase, along with many other designs on my Society6 store.

Check out my Society6 shop to order yours! FREE shipping thru Feb 24, worldwide!

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  1. WOAH! those cases are brilliant. will it be too vain to get my face?

  2. Your cases are just amazing - if I'm ever going to join the cult it's going to be for this reason only!:))))
    The gif with Denisa is great!