8 IKEA Hacks that Breathe New Life into your Home

Having just moved (twice in two months to be specific), I was in desperate need to get some new pieces of furniture. So what better way to spend the weekend than going to IKEA.
Now, as much as I love to go pick out awesome new stuff for my home, I hate it when I have to navigate through a crowded store while trying to carry everything I want to buy. That's why this time I tried to plan ahead instead of shopping as I go through the store. So while I sat down and ate some delicious meatballs, I opened up the IKEA app and made a wishlist. I can't stress enough how much of a time saver that was: stock info, pick-up info and everything else I needed to know, like special offers. So having essentially cut my shopping time in half, I had the rest of the day to set things up back home.
Now, while IKEA is great at providing low cost furniture, the downside is that probably a lot of people will get the same things. I always try to keep a good balance between design and function, so why not try and add a personal touch to things? A little bit of creativity can definitely go a long way, and you can get a custom designed piece of furniture at a great price.
Here are 8 IKEA hacks that will surely give your home a well deserved makeover:

1. rast goes modern

2. wooden stools get geometric treatment

3. Löbbo reinterpreted

4. fur stool

5. living room lamp hack

6. dipped svalvo

7. sidetable hack

8. IKEA Malm Dresser goes Glam

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  1. lovely homes ;)